Communication: the company is the only Chinese American saipan car rental companies, mandarin service, inexpensive car beauty.
Internet booking: you can advance online booking vehicles, including machine, position and time.
Telephone reservation: provide airports, hotels, resorts hotline send car service.
If you want to cancel the appointment, please inform us.
Payment: accept cash, travelers checks and all kinds of credit CARDS. Must be paid in advance deposit etc. Car again.
Insurance matters: use a credit card can customize) vehicle insurance $15 per day, passengers insurance $7 per day. According to local regulations when insurance accident occupiers must pay $500 disclaimer. But do not include single vehicle accidents.
Fuel costs: occupiers pays, but no fuel surcharges mileage. Also please add oil well in front, the company higher oil prices of oil.
If you rent: overtime time, beyond the contract shall be paid overtime rents.
Location: you can return the car in our office or your hotel and airport, but also, please contact with us, free major hotels and airport pick-up and delivery service.
Contact us
PMB1148 BOX10003 SAIPAN MP 96950-8900 U.S.A
TEL: (1-670) 233-8866
     (1-670) 233-9889  
FAX: (1-670) 233-9889  
QQ:  35053587   525250916

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PMB1148 BOX10003 SAIPAN MP 96950-8900 U.S.A
TEL: (1-670) 233-8866  FAX: (1-670) 233-9889  QQ:  35053587   525250916

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